DineAroundFreddy…Still hungry.

Dear Fred-eats Readership,

This week I’m a little bit mad. You see, I heard Fredericton was encouraging people to go out and eat at its assortment of, if I may say so myself, very fine restaurants.

They started a Restaurant Week entitled DineAroundFreddy. Many cities do this: Toronto’s is  called Summerlicious and Winterlicious. I have a Bostonian friend who posts amazing pictures of her city’s gastronomical event too.  The idea is that for two weeks restaurants set up new, creative, dazzling menus at a fixed rate for everyone to enjoy.
Have you heard about DineAroundFreddy? Probably not. Because the advertising is terrible, and nowhere to be found. Unless you google Fredericton Tourism (but even then it’s not explicit on their main page) or have stumbled upon the hashtag on Twitter.
Why aren’t there posters around town? Why aren’t servers urging me to “save the date”?

But my real grievance is with the prices. The options are a 3 course menu for $29 or $45. Right up until I saw the figures, I was ready to try and hit up all the participating restaurants.
But  to do so, I would have to budget around $300 dollars, eating the smaller menu, and eating alone because nobody in their right mind would spend that kind of cash to accompany me.

Ultimately, I am insulted by the exclusionary aspects of this incentive. Did they completely forget about students? Every other establishment makes concessions for us, offering a lesser priced alternative. There is student pricing for theatre at the Playhouse. There’s student pricing for groceries. There’s student pricing for movies.

So why on earth Fredericton Tourism couldn’t offer a smaller, appetizer-sized menu for $15 is beyond me. Although I checked and all Canadian based restaurant weeks (although most American ones too) have a cheaper lunch menu option for $15-20.

I’ve decided the only way to deal with this matter is by taking donations. I might be “blogbusking” at a downtown corner. You can feel free to come by STU and interrupt my classes, daily from 10-5, and donate a couple of dollars. Really, every penny counts. I believe that one day we will live in a Fredericton where we can all afford to eat out together.

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